Audio From Past Dialogues

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Audio from Recent Coros Events

The following lectures are available for free. The rest of the sessions are available for purchase at

Chronic Pain - Lecture 1, Nov 2019, Fair Oaks, CA
More Here: Chronic Pain
Sacred Earth - Lecture 1, Fall 2019, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
More Here: Sacred Earth
Nine Subtle Bodies - Lecture 1, June 2013, Fair Oaks, CA
More Here: The Nine Subtle Bodies – Full Course
Alchemical Wedding - Lecture 1, April 2011, Rudolf Steiner College
More Here: Alchemical Wedding
Esoteric Physiology - Lecture 1, Rudolf Steiner College, June 2010
More here: Esoteric Physiology
Macro & Micro - Lecture 1, Frey Vineyards on January, 2010
More here: Macro and Micro - The Action of the Etheric Forces in Nature
Earth & Cosmos (Principles of Biodynamic preparations), Frey Vineyards on January, 2009
MOre here: The Principles of the Biodynamic Preparations
Myth of Me - Lecture 1, August, 2008 Aspen CO
More here: Myth of Me
The Great Passage - Lecture 1, Friday July 25 2008
More here: The Great Passage
Black Madonna - Lecture 1, Boulder, CO, April 2008
More here: Black Madonna 2008
Agricultural Alchemy - Lecture 1, Frey Vineyards, January 2008
More here: Agricultural Alchemy 2008
The Black Madonna and Anthroposophia: Uniting Consciousness and Compassion. Lectures 1-7 [FULL DOWNLOAD]