Adventures on the Symbolic Plane of Consciousness

A Coros Palm Sunday Meditation Retreat
with Dennis Klocek

Friday evening March 26 - Sunday 1pm March 28 2010

At Rudolf Steiner College (Map)

As had been employed by mystery pupils of the past, modern explorers of the wisdom of self-transformation use symbolic imagery for enhancing their meditative practice. A specific practice which Rudolf Steiner called entering the astral body. Starting with the mandala as an archetype of consciousness, each session will use the methodology of breathing an image to enter into its symbolic content. Small workgroups will address the inner responses to these symbols using suggested protocols.
Symbols will include: the Mithras Bull, the healing Kore from Greece, the Ouroboros, the alchemical egg, the goddess Hygeia, Michael and the Dragon and the Fool in the Abyss.

About the presenter

Dennis Klocek, founder of the Coros Institute, is the Director of the Consciousness Studies Program, a study of alchemy and transformation at Rudolf Steiner College. Dennis is in great demand as an international lecturer and is author of five books including Seeking Spirit Vision and The Seer's Handbook. Some of his recent work may be found at


Friday evening registration:4:30-5:30pm;
Friday Dinner at 6:00 pm followed by lecture at 7:30 pm;
Ends Sunday lunch 12:30-1:00 pm

Conference fees

Sliding scale $125-$170.

Amounts above $125 can be considered a donation for scholarships: receipt is available upon request.

Meals & Refreshments Package (6 meals): $85

Location & Map

At Rudolf Steiner College


Housing in Rudolf Steiner College dormitory. Please ask for Coros discount.

For more information including scholarship assistance call 916-717-6007.