Alchemical Revival Symposium

21st Century Alchemy & the New Renaissance in Science

January 26-29, 2024 – Online


  • The relevance of the alchemical worldview today in communicating a holistic vision of reality that unites both inner and outer worlds
  • The redemption of alchemical methods and the fertile cross pollination with contemporary scientific practice and thought
  • A sophisticated dialogue between modern chemistry and the advanced alchemical procedures of antiquity
  • The Alchemy of the aetheric and applications of alchemical philosophy to aetheric technology
  • Applications of the alchemical worldview to physiological, psychological and spiritual healing working the flower realm
  • The legacy of Paracelsus in the 21st century: innovations and discoveries from neo-spagyrics to the advancements in perceiving the doctrine of signatures
  • Ayurvedic alchemical medicine making from ancient times to the present day
  • The ‘artist as alchemist’ and the dissolution of the boundary between science and art
  • The alchemy of the year and the inner transformations that correspond to the passing of the seasons

Event Features

  • 10 speakers
  • 15 sessions including three Q&A panel sessions