Health through Consciousness: Esoteric Physiology

Lecture 1 Recording - Gift from Coros Institute - Full recording available here

The health giving effect of a daily meditative body scan, called in some traditions the inward smile meditation, has been known for centuries. This meditative exercise will play a core role in this weeklong imaginative exploration of the embryology, physiology and esoteric symbolism of the major systems and organs of the human body. The lecture themes will trace the path of the blood from the marrow of the limb bones through the various life organs and ultimately into the head. The evolution of the organs and systems will be presented from the point of view of both physiology and the symbolic or alchemical perspective. As an aid to the visualization process each new motif in the exercise will be accompanied by the appropriate eurythmy vowels and consonants used for healing and integration of the organ system in the body.

Topics include: old Saturn as a model for embryogenesis; the fall of man and the role of the senses; the polarity of blood and nerve; the four life organs; the blood tablet; digestion and soul processes; soul breathing; glands and the life body; anatomy and evolution of the brain; the system of the chakras; and the fundamental issues of healing.

Afternoon artistic sessions will include embryological studies in clay with Patricia Dickson as well as eurythmy exercises with Vincent McElroen. There will be evening lectures on Bach’s Art of the Fugue as the basis for a protective meditative mantra technique, and rhythmic motifs from morphology, as well as an evening for social meet-up and sharing of research questions.

About the presenter

Dennis Klocek, founder of the Coros Institute, is the Director of the Consciousness Studies Program, a study of alchemy and transformation at Rudolf Steiner College. Dennis is in great demand as an international lecturer and is author of five books including Seeking Spirit Vision and The Seer’s Handbook. Some of his recent work may be found at


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