Journey Towards a Cosmic Human

MARCH 14-16, 2008

Institute of Noetic Sciences Retreat Center
Petaluma, CA (Map/Directions)

The development of a cosmic human being has been the focus of the mystery schools for centuries. The cosmic human is developed in the soul like an embryo. It is gestated out of the earthly trials of humans engaged in mystery imaginations. Rudolf Steiner has given many exercises that point the way towards this development. This retreat will consist of a number of these exercises woven into one sequential inner journey that leads the imaginative faculties from a grounded earth consciousness into a timeless domain where the movements of the planets become a script for future human soul development.

About the presenter

Dennis Klocek, founder of the Coros Institute, is the Director of the Consciousness Studies Program, a study of alchemy and transformation at Rudolf Steiner College. Dennis is in great demand as an international lecturer and is author of five books including Seeking Spirit Vision and The Seer’s Handbook. He is also known as DocWeather to those who visit his website,, for weather predictions and articles on climatology.


4pm check-in Friday, March 14 through lunch on Sunday, March 16


Institute of Noetic Sciences Retreat Center
101 San Antonio Road, Petaluma, CA. (Map/Directions)


Sliding scale $95-$150

Amounts above $100 can be considered a donation for scholarships: receipt is available upon request.


All rooms include 6 meals and snacks – Friday dinner though Sunday lunch.

Check-in: Friday afternoon 4pm
Check-out: by 11 am Sunday

  • Shared Double Room $250/person
    please designate roommate
  • Single Room $300
  • Meals/Snacks only $100

For more information including scholarship assistance call 916-717-6007.