Master & Apprentice


The relationship between the master and the apprentice is an age old challenge for those involved in situations requiring specific work goals. The master holds the keys to the knowledge of best practice; this is what the apprentice needs. The apprentice holds the keys to the power to get the physical work done. This is a need of the master. Matching these two needs harmoniously requires the same type of dedicated cultivation of social relationships that is given to the work on the land. Without social cultivation, much time and energy is wasted due to negative feelings on the part of both the master and the apprentice.

There are three easily-done social exercises adapted from spiritual practices in the ancient mystery schools. These practices are storytelling, symbolic mapping and the incubation phase of sleep and dream. These creative practices have been used for centuries to ease the exchange of work and knowledge between generations. Using lecture presentations and group exercises Dennis Klocek will present these three enjoyable and productive approaches to social harmony.

About the presenter

Dennis Klocek, Founder of the Coros Institute, dedicated to dialogue between individuals in the sciences, the arts and business with a commitment to spiritual values arising from the contemplative life; Director, Consciousness Studies at Rudolf Steiner College, CA; international lecturer; author of many books including, Climate, The Soul of the EarthThe Seer’s Handbook; and Drawing from the Book of Nature. For audio lectures, articles and art prints see,


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Sliding scale $85-$100.
Preregistration by January 1st includes lunch and refreshments made from biodynamic and local ingredients.

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At beautiful Frey Vineyards
14000 Tomki Rd, Redwood Valley, Ca 95470


From Hwy 101 (north of Ukiah, just north of Hwy 20) take the “West Road” Redwood Valley Exit. At the top of the ramp turn east onto West Road. Follow for about 4 miles. At the “T” turn left onto Tomki Road. Follow for 1.9 miles. The entrance to the Frey Vineyard is on the left.


Suggested hotels

  • The Discovery Inn, Ukiah 707-462-8873
    ask for group rate code: CORBIO
  • Holiday Inn Express, Ukiah 707-462-5745
  • Motel Six, Ukiah 707-468-5404

For more information including scholarship assistance call 916-717-6007.