Myth of Me

Lecture 1 Recording - Gift from Coros Institute - Full recording available here

In daily life, when we experience our self we refer to this as an experience of “I”. In a deeper sense, a true experience of my human “I” is a rare, soul-changing event.

The common level of self-experience is actually an experience of “me”. In the life of the soul, the “me” experience typically drowns out the more subtle, and profound “I” experience. Learning to recognize the differences between these two states is the essence of spiritual practice.

The “me” experience arises out of the fabric of the waking dream of the subconscious flow in daily life. This subconscious flow is the source of myth. It is also the root of the personality structure that supports the myth of “me”. It is the fountain out of which my gifts and my shortcomings flow out into the world. This retreat will focus on the use of myth as a tool for exploring the myth of “me”. Working with myths from ancient times, we will structure dialogues designed to bring into consciousness the ways in which my beliefs about myself play into my daily life and into my relationships with others. The goal is to see that my myth of “me” is not really who I am as a spiritual being and that a dialogue between “I” and “me” is not only possible, but very healing.

About the presenter

Dennis Klocek, founder of the Coros Institute, is the Director of the Consciousness Studies Program, a study of alchemy and transformation at Rudolf Steiner College. Dennis is in great demand as an international lecturer and is author of five books including Seeking Spirit Vision and The Seer’s Handbook. He is also known as DocWeather to those who visit his website,, for weather predictions and articles on climatology.


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