Social Change through Spiritual Practice: An Intergenerational Dialogue


In transforming ourselves, we heal the world.
In healing the world, we transform ourselves.

March 21-22, 2003 · Friday 7-9 pm, Saturday 9 am-6 pm.

St. Mark’s Episcopal Church · 2300 Bancroft Way, Berkeley

Inheriting a world not of our own conscious making, every generation miraculously rediscovers the initiative to leave the world a better place. The development of the earth depends on this turning of one generation to another. What are the responsibilities of all of us as partners, generation to generation? Who must we become as individuals to prepare to work together to heal the world?

Come join the dialogue and bring someone from another generation.

A collaboration of Coros Institute,Section for the Social Sciences of the School for Spiritual Science, Rudolf Steiner College and ArtEverywhere.

Eric Utne, founder of the 19 year-old, bimonthy Utne Reader magazine and recent Waldorf teacher, will begin the dialogue by telling of the inner and outer challenges on his own destiny path to make a difference in the world. Others will join with their stories to sound an intergenerational perspective.

Marisa Handler is the national organizer for TIKKUN Community and Campus Network, which holds a vision of economic justice, ecological sensitivity, peace and human rights for the world.

Tad Hargrave, improv community builder, has developed a unique way to network and cultivate visions for young activists.

Adeline Bianchi is a founding member of the Collegium of the Section for the Social Sciences of the School for Spiritual Science and editor of the Section Newsletter for ten years.

Dennis Klocek, founder of Coros Institute, is the Director of the Goethean Studies Program, a study of alchemy and transformation, at Rudolf Steiner College.

Lee Lipp and Ben Gustin are coordinators at the San Francisco Zen center of the Outreach Programs in prisons, drug rehab centers, hospice and more.

Malaika Edwards is founder of The People’s Grocery, bringing healthy food to West Oakland and is co-founder of SolCity, bringing heart and justice to our urban communities.

Cost: $100 Sponsor. (Your sponsorship provides subsidy for students and those in need. Thank you.)
$25 student. Sliding scale for those who need subsidy.