Soul Course


In contemporary society the demands of each individual human to be recognized as unique are a prevalent force in human relationships. This necessary evolution has many benefits but also has a shadow side. Individual humans are born into general humanity and have to learn that all other humans expect to be recognized as unique. Ironically then, the experience of our uniqueness is what we all have in common. The lessons needed to navigate this paradox successfully are unconsciously learned in the child / parent dyad relationships of the first three years of life. Adulthood requires that these early lessons be reviewed consciously.

Methods for the conscious reassessment of early dyad relationships will be the focus of a twelve session online course given by Dennis Klocek. Interactive exercises with dyad partners will accompany presentations on the neurology of social interaction, the role of symbolic thinking, the esoteric structure of the soul and spirit, educational perspectives for special needs students and other topics relevant to the contemporary challenges of hyper-individuality in a social environment.

This course will be held as a set of four series spaced out over a year. Each session will include exercises and opportunities to practice with a partner. If you cannot make the live sessions, they will be recorded so you can watch and practice with a partner on your own time.

Course Introduction

Sample Lesson