The Nine Subtle Bodies

Lecture 1 Recording - Gift from Coros Institute - Full recording available here

The most fundamental issue in the Rosicrucian alchemical stream is the work of transformation. There are two directions in this work, one being the world of substances and the other, the inner world of soul forces. To bring these two worlds into harmony, a kind of map is needed to orient to the most potent spaces where soul forces and physical substances can interact. The map for this transformative work is given to us by Rudolf Steiner in the wise arrangement of the nine subtle bodies of the human being.

About the presenters

Dennis Klocek, Co-founder of the Coros institute, is the director of Consciousness studies, a study of alchemy and transformation, at Rudolf Steiner College. Author of seven books including the recently released Biodynamics: An Alchemical Path. also known as an international lecturer, see

Patricia Dickson, Co-founder of the Coros Institute, has a Masters degree in sculpting and is an art faculty member at Rudolf Steiner College.


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